Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My DIY Hoodie, and school

So yesterday was the first day of the fall semester for me.. I am taking a leadership course and Anthropology.. (Mon and Tues nights) I actually really enjoyed both of my first classes.. it will be interesting to see how things turn out..

So all day I have been working on my latest DIY project... I while I have printed most of my paper products.. I am waiting to put backings on them until the order of ink and paper come in from stampin up! Once that is in... we will be stampin and embossing invitations and cards lke crazy! I was thinking today and there are onlya few things left I have to buy...

The table clothes, dishes, silverware, cups, beer, and wine.. Then we have the finishing touches for our bathroom baskets, and gifts... As far as I know that is pretty much it yay!

Today I have been working on my latest DIY project which was making an iron-on rhinestone transfer.. I would use this on my hoodie I purchased from Old Navy this weekend.. I found it on clearance for $10. Well.. I finished the transfer and the hoodie and I think it looks great!

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