Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Great Finds at JoAnns

So I left work early because I wasn't feeling good and decided to stop by JoAnns to pick up some things.. I picked up the toule for my veil, the netting and the comb for my birdcage veil, Some ribbon that I needed, photo beads for my bouquet, and I gotShepherds Hooks for the ceremony for 59 cents!! All of their shepherd hooks are on clearance for 70% off.. I only needed the smalled ones .. I got eight of them to line the aisle with a toule "rope" essentially.. I also picked up the 4 6 foot garlands for the arch/canopy for the ceremony .. they were also on clearance and I got them for $2.99 a piece! woohoo!! I picked up two 6 ft floral garlands and 2 six foot beading accent garlandsHopefully I will also be able to finish the veil tonight and the birdcage veil..

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