Saturday, August 2, 2008

My Date with the Oven

Hello my name is Laurel, and I am a slob.. thats right.. I am a self proclaimed pack rat, slob, mess.. Im terrible.. I really am... Whats funny is my mom has SEVER OCD when it comes to cleaning.. but for some reason.. (as fi would say) he got the short end of the stick on that one.. I just find it hard to balance.. house chores, school, work, wedding planning, and LIFE in general! Well, every once in a great while.. I suddenly start cleaning.. oddly enough, they are usually projects.. not simple washing the dishes type of things... but more like, cleaning all teh ceilings, teh fans, the fridge ... so this morning in my straightening up and then cleaning the kitchen.. I venture onto the oven.. GROSS... So I got out my 409 and my brillo pad and a bowl of hot water and dish soap and I began to scrub, and scrub, and scrub.. Fi finally came out and asked what I was doing.. so I told him.. He informed me they has special cleaners that get everything off.. (honestly.. I had no idea) And now, I am happy to say... I hvae a VERY clean Oven and kitchen.. Now if I could only motivate myself to finish of the entire kitchen by doing the floor... UG!

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