Friday, August 15, 2008


So I finally finished making my veil. I was completely set on having a drop veil... I dont like the huge puffiness that comes off of a veil with a comb or clip.. so I thought the easiest would be the drop veil. This will be a fastened on with either a hat pin or two bobby pins crisscrossed.. I will then change over to a birdcage veil.. I attempted making one of those as well, and then one of my local knotties offered to let me borrow hers!! Love you Nani!

So here are some pics of both veils.. Teh Drop Veil I hand beaded with a silver-lined bead from JoAnn's.. I strung the beads, and then hand stitched the strand onto the edge of the veil.. I finally cleaned up the strings with an embroidery pair of scissors..

120" Wide Veil Cut to size and round.. ( folded in half twice and cut a semicircle)

Total Cost Less than $10
Total Time : 1 week (after work, during breaks)

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bmccool22 said...

So, I'm trying desperately to figure out how to get the drop veil look by making it myself. Was the shape you cut a perfect circle?