Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Drama Drama Drama

My fi and I have not seen his father in 4 1/2 years... welll last week he showed up at our house to try and make nice with fi.. He apologized for everything he did to him, his child hood, for taking so long to contact him.. yadda yadda yadda.. He also went as far as to extend his home to us in Uruguay and to be at our disposal should we want to go there for our honeymoon.. (he is moving back there) Well.. none the less the conversation went well and he hung around for abotu two hours.. I really think it needed to happen.. I cant stand seeing fi not have a relationship with his father regardless of the type of relationship it is.. So the next morning my FFIL calls me and offers to either hire us a videographer for the wedding (no thank you on any offers btw) or to give us cash towards the wedding... knowing my ffil and he track record.. I wont beloieve anything until I see it.. Fi told me to let him know we will take the cash but wont bet on it... So that is first on my plateThen Yesterday my MOH tells me that if the otehr girls in the wedding dont decide on dresses she may have to back out of the wedding because she cant keep affording ot put this off... I am a bit peaved with her.. she said she had the money for a dress a month ago, but now she doesnt?!? I mean.. I have only been engaged for 8 months.. I sent her an email explaining that her financial responsibilities are very important and while I would be disappointed, I would completely understand if she backed out.. WHICH SUCKS! Who would want to get married without their BFF there.. So I email my mom about this and mention abotu how my sisters havent really made any initiative to help or dress shop or anything... Well the response I got back from my mom was far from helpful... In fact.. she went off on a tangent about how my brother wasnt in the wedding and how dare my fi act this way when he is trying tecome a member of our family.. At first.. I Wanted to respond to her and say WTF?!?! .. but I didnt.. I didnt even respond to her.. I had mentioned to her two months or so ago that I had asked my brother to perform the ceremony (as a notary) and he said no.. she asked if h would be a GM and I said No.. not at that point.. fi had only picked 3 guys..I also said I needed to sit and talk to him because it is important for me to have my brother in the wedding.. Anyways.. she went on and on in her email about how her and my father are so disgusted with me and how could I do this to my brother and he will never forgive me... Sorry I needed a place to vent about everything.. So not only do i WANT my brother in my wedding.. I plan on asking him.. I just dont want to do it right now while he is unemployed and place that additional financial burden in his lap... Am I wrong.. Please tell me I am wrong! I feel like I am going crazy over wedding stuff.. I finally sent all of the girls an email today and said.. Tomorrow I will be at Davids Bridal at 6 pm and I will be picking the dresses out.. I would like for you to be there to partake in the decision but I cant keep putting it off.. so now, tomorrow.. my two sisters will be meeting me at DAvids (THANK GOD) but my BF still hasnt responded.. she has emailed me about other stuff though.. Everything just sucks right now.. except I did book my b-pics .. YAY!

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