Thursday, March 12, 2009


I obviously an't say this enough.. Im a slacker lol... So I am committing myself to one blog a week! I SWEAR! I have even put a reminder in my blackberry lol. So I will be posting back later tonight after I make some home made French Onion Soup... I want to give some photos and my review...
As for other things I thought I would share withh you guys a few photos from the wedding..
you can check them out at and then click on Laurel & Nick.. .So please, enjoy!
As for other news... we are obviously back from our honeymoon. It was amazing! Hawaii was fantastic.. climbing the volcano, the craters, the waterfalls, all of the snorkelling, and the fine Hawaiian cuisine was FABULOUS!! I have a newfound appreciation for Spam! yes, I know Spam! But prior to that, I have never had Spam before... it wasn't all that bad! And I think perhaps it has some great potential.. we shall see.. I have picked up a can and a few recipes, so we shall see...

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