Friday, January 16, 2009

Where am I???

I know I know! I have been severely MIA for a while... But I am officially back, and I'm a Mrs! That's right! We tied the knot aside the crashing waves two weeks ago and it was absolutely wonderful. The day turned out to be a perfect one that I will never forget. I was really calm the entire day aside from one hiccup with my flowers. I remember walking down the aisle and all I could do was stare at Nick.he was so handsome!
When he took my hands in his.. He just kept squeezing them and running his thumbs in circles over them. It was so sweet and personal, I don't think anybody else realized. His "I do" was so firm and determined it made my heart melt. And when I could hear the emotion as he said his vows, I knew I would love this man forever and through anything.
We followed the ceremony with a helluva a party that included my mother in law catching the bouquet, the best man catching the garter, and him "booty-dancing" all the way up to her.
It was definitely a great moment and everyone had an amazing time! You can see some professional pics on Devynn's blog and then press view blog at the bottom.

As for what to do now... We are a week away from our honeymoon, and I have started the spring semester. I am takinbg a black and white film phoography class and I am Very excited about it.
I am determined to be abetter blogger. And I am going to continue to offer wedding ideas as well... I have to maintain my DIY queeen status.... But for now, I am off to the state fair. Have fun ladies!


Blossoms said...

CONGRATULATIONS Laurel! You look so very beautiful as a bride :)

JennyLo said...

Laurel where are you taking this photography class? I am looking for one in my area....maybe I can crash yours! Lemme know!
And Congrats you are a Mrs!!!!