Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes We Can!

Disclaimer: I know that some people may not agree with my political views, and I am sorry. But here it is:

So last night was one of the most historic moments in our nations history and I for one am SO VERY proud of Americans and their ability to overcome the hystera of diversity and to see a need for a change in our country. Last night this country did not see black and white, they saw two candidates who were running for political office and we made a decision. We made a decision for change, and I for one am in aw at the process and with everyone who got out there and voted. Regardless of your beliefs and who you voted for, we got out there and voted in force! Many historical records were broken yesterday!
Yes, I am a Barack Obama supporter so I am extrememly excited to see my candidate as the President Elect. And I for oneam filled with such a profound feeling of Hope with Barack Obama making his way to the Presidency. I truly hope that he is able to not only live up to the hype, but also to stay true to the American People. We have put an amazing amount of trust in his hands and we can only wait and see what is to come. So, I leave you with his acceptance speech.

On a side note I am DEEPLY saddened to see Amendment 2 pass in Florida. I for one think it is a tragedy to take such rights away from ALL people regardless of what we personally want for ourselves. Unfortunately, many individuals only saw this initiative as banning gay marriages but they did NOT see it as affecting those of us who are domestic partnerships. I as an individual for the past 6 years have had NO legal rights should something happen to Nick. I have no visitation rights, no legal recourse, no rights should he pass to my very own home that I have paid on and lived in for 6 years!! I also feel for the elderly couples who do not marry because of economic and financial reasons. This too will affect them...


Aiko, Margo and JP said...

Yes we CAN!
Go America!

Although the gay marriage ban really is a shame, we had prop 8 pass in California too, I didn't think it would.
...just catching up on your blog, though I'd comment hello :) -Margo/emjay

Blossoms said...

I so agree with you Laurel!

Jen said...

ahh...what a night it was!