Sunday, October 19, 2008

2 More Derringer Hats!

OK so my sisters and my friends Denise saw my hat and requested their own.. I have one more to do it will be a red and gold hat.. but here is my sister's hat.. she is wearing a white dress with blue and black flowers:

And this one was made for my friend Denise.. this is actually the fabric she used to re-do her chairs and valances..
I Also had the gold picks left over from a Christmas Wreath I was going to make..


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited to photograph your bridal shower -- we are going to have a blast!!!

JaXnFliP said...


I am planning a bridal shower for my bff and we are doing the mad hatter theme as well. I was wondering if you can let me know how you made those amazing hats as we want to make some too. TIA

Mrs. Designher said...

Oh my gosh -- those are SOOOOO cute!! I want to make them for my friend's mad hatter bridal shower. just like the above post said. That's TOO CUTE!!

If I make them, I'll post them in my blog for you :)